December 12 2018

An Artist’s Downfall; He Becomes a Digital Marketer

Ever walk into a cafe and feel contempt for all the people sitting there, doing work? Why? They didn’t do anything wrong. But you still feel contempt. And maybe they feel contempt towards you. Okay so maybe the cafe example doesn’t work for you. Maybe it’s at work. Or at school. I never really felt contempt when I was younger. Because I wanted to be a writer. That’s when you study people, you study their hearts, you study their minds, and you study their bodies. They are all beautiful creatures, characters in a grand grand play written by the Creator. A writer views the world from this perspective. People do what they do because they are meant to do it. As a writer, you simply wish to capture the essence of what they do, and express it artfully. Then, I became a marketer. Now people weren’t people, beautiful characters who loved, and cried, and did great things unseen, and murdered people, and did it all because of this amazing puppet show of a world we live in. Now people were what the industry calls — demographics. Demographics. Black people tend to buy this kind of stuff. The south buys this. Teens don’t have money. Etc. As a writer, I wanted to capture the world as I saw it. As a marketer, I wanted to INFLUENCE the world to my liking. Influence means control and power. Power means that some people are IN POWER, and some people lack power. And in the end, that just means some people are slaves, and some people aren’t. I struggled with this, internally, for a long time. I never sought power for power’s sake. Yes I like to be the center of attention from time to time, but I never wanted to be responsible for the actions, overtly or covertly, of millions of people. I never wanted to be “an influencer” or a “politician”. I was an artist, I dealt with things far far more existential and superior than the influences of this common world. And then one day, when I became a marketer (due to financial stresses), all that changed. My life turned, from a painting into an excel sheet. Now, what matters to me is making money. Making millions of dollars. Stacking it. Then holding on to it, preserving it, so I can preserve my sensibilities, my ego, my ivory tower. I can stay separated from the suffering of the world. I have seen that suffering. Once, it was beautiful. But having seen the people I love suffer because of society, because of the cruelty of the world, I vowed to the Creator I would never let that happen again as long as those people that I am here to protect exist. But I hope I can still save my soul. I hope that I can return to the observant, optimistic, Eddy I once was.— by looking at suffering as a fact of life, instead of something we can “control”. Better yet, instead of “returning” I hope to progress into a man who can feel inner peace with the choices I made, love myself, and share the love with those I come across. And when it comes to making money, and demographics, I’ll have to make a choice one day. For now, though, would you like to buy this?

December 12 2018

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Respect the System, Try and Game it

I started this entrepreneur journey when I was 21. I didn’t have any money. Actually I had the opposite of money, which is debt. I didn’t have a college degree. And I didn’t have any network or support system. But I went to a pretty good high school. And I spent one year at a pretty good (ie expensive) college. So I had some things going for me. That’s step one. Sometimes you don’t even know what you have. You don’t know what skills you’ve obtained. Quickly, I learned that I didn’t have many skills. But I DID have some. I knew how to write. That’s the one thing that I learned in school. I knew how to write term papers, and get them done on time. I also knew how to post an ad on Craigslist and set up a blogspot (2008 days!) Thus my first online business was born. I became a term paper writer for lazy students who were willing to pay for help. Now some may say, hey well that’s unethical! That’s unfair. You’re gaming the system. And if you said that, then you’re not ready to be an entrepreneur. The whole concept of being an entrepreneur is to game the system. The system doesn’t exist for YOUR benefit. A system is in place to serve the patrons of the system. Our government doesn’t serve you or your business. It serves the people of the United States of America, first, and then trickles down to all the little subsects, depending on stuff. You might say what I did was unethical — how could I game this college system!! That’s unfair, because why? The college system is in place for your benefit? The college system is the “right” way? Who cares if some kids (and mostly adults) want to pay for their term papers to be done? They are gaming the system, and I am gaming the system. For the people who “go straight” and work hard and try to get all As on their own — well those people can do what they want too. They are trying to cater to the system, and that’s their right. But who says that the system in place is the right one? Who judges that? Who makes those decisions? Qui bono? Who benefits? And in the case of the US goverment, thank God, for the most part I think the citizens of the USA benefit from catering to its systems and laws. But for the corrupt ass college system? Then again, who am I to make that decision? Well as long as it’s legal, what’s wrong with gaming a system. Being an entrepreneur means you are willing to think outside of the normal. Being a good entrepreneur means you are willing to take risks and to push boundaries of existing systems. You think Uber tried to incorporate the existing yellow cab service? I mean, come on. Disrupting corrupt and ineffective systems is what business is all about. Look for those pockets of space, and you can be a successful entrepreneur. If you’re a “system” guy who likes to play by the rules and say “oh wait you can’t do that, that’s gonna fuck shit up” then you should probably stick to your corporate job. Nothing wrong with that!